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Race and Ethnicity in Medicare Data

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"... if we stop using racial categories, then we will not be able to identify racial inequity. If we cannot identify racial inequity, then we will not be able to identify racist policies. If we cannot identify racist policies, then we cannot challenge racist policies. If we cannot challenge racist policies, then racist power’s final solution will be achieved: a world of inequity none of us can see, let alone resist."

                                                   - Ibram X. Kendi

                                      How to Be an Antiracist

                                                              Chapter 4 

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Jarrín OF, Nyandege AN, Grafova IB, Dong X, Lin H. Validity of Race and Ethnicity Codes in Medicare Administrative Data Compared With Gold-standard Self-reported Race Collected During Routine Home Health Care Visits, Medical Care: January 2020 - Volume 58 - Issue 1 - p e1-e8

Grafova IB, Jarrín OF. Beyond Black and White: Mapping Misclassification of Medicare Beneficiaries Race and Ethnicity. Medical Care Research and Review. July 2020.

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